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The Problem

Unexpected repair cost

Make improvements to your car

Any one off or unexpected bill

The Solution

Payment Assist

Allows the cost of a one off bill/purchase to be spread over three months

Interest free

Fee free

Ready for collection


ONLY pay 25% of your bill on collection 

Payment Assist’s offering is one that was designed for the automotive sector. With an intention to ease the burden of the unexpected bill that you may have when your car is taken into the garage for a Service or MOT. Whilst you may be budgeting for the cost of the Service or MOT, when your car needs some additional work or parts, this additional cost can make a dent in your finances, sometimes meaning that the critical work that your car needs to make it roadworthy is put off until you can afford this extra cost. 

Payment Assist are here to help, spreading the cost of this work means that you can remain driving safely, whilst paying for the work over a 4 month period. The payment plan is interest and fee free* and is designed to support you when you need it most


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